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Harbour Air Turbo Tickets


Turbo Tickets are the best way to travel standby with Harbour Air, Whistler Air and Saltspring Air! These popular flash sales occur in limited releases, usually two times each year (spring and fall). Because of the popularity and unconfirmed nature of stand-by travel, sales are limited to one sheet of four tickets per person, per sale.

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  • Turbo Ticket releases sell out fast! Sign up for email alerts at the link below to be the first to hear about upcoming releases
  • Sold online only, Turbo Tickets come in sheets of four one-way coupons for $200+GST
  • Save up to 85%, valid every day on scheduled service flights with Harbour Air Seaplanes, Whistler Air or Saltspring Air
  • Turbo Tickets never expire and are fully transferable- easily share them with family and friends
  • Click here to learn more about how to use Turbo Tickets
  • Up until the minute of the sale, Turbo Tickets will appear as "SOLD OUT"
  • Please note, there is a strict limit of one Turbo Ticket sheet (4 one-way coupons) per customer, additional sheets purchased for the same customer will not be fulfilled.


Please read the Terms and Conditions below prior to purchase

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid for domestic STANDBY TRAVEL ONLY
  • Baggage allowance 10 lbs. Additional allowance $1/lb. as space permits
  • Valid on flights between 0900-1430 M-F, all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays
  • Subject to all applicable taxes, fees and surcharges, payable at check-in
  • Not valid for guests with a confirmed reservation on the same route the day of travel
  • Not valid for unaccompanied minor travel
  • Guests flying from Maple Bay please call 1.800.665.0212 to be listed as standby
  • Limit of one (1) Turbo Ticket sheet (4 one-way coupons) per customer
  • Please allow approximately 15 business days for delivery by mail (Sorry, terminal pickup is not available)
  • Turbo Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen
  • Please note, Turbo Tickets are not guaranteed or secured until the entire checkout process is submitted. Good luck! 
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